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    Access Consciousness Bars®

Access Consciousness Bars® 

How would it feel to be free of limiting beliefs and judgements which prevent you from achieving what you desire in life?

Last year I was feeling depressed, sad & unloved! I tried counselling but found that raking over traumas from the past didn't help - in fact, made me feel worse! On the recomendation of a friend I booked an appointment to have my 'bars run' and after just one session I felt mentally lighter and very relaxed! I'll explain:

Each of us have 32 points on our heads which relate to different aspects of our lives/emotions. Having these points touched for a few minutes at a time (the process takes about 60 minutes) removes negative energies & thoughts!

After 4 more treatments I am much more relaxed and very open to opportunities, possibilities and people who are helping me build the life I desire for myself and my daughter.

Why not see what amazing changes this ground breaking treatment can help you create - just £30  


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