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Reiki is a Japanese technique which promotes healing and reduces stress enbaling one to relax.
An unseen 'life force energy' flows though everyone and is what causes us to be alive. If ones 'life force energy' is low we can feel stressed and/or become sick. However, when high we are much more capable of being happy & healthy.

How are Reiki Treatments Given?

Reiki treatments are received fully dressed and are available and suitable for anyone, including children, elderly and pregnant women.

Reiki treatments do not involve any massage or manipulation and for this reason is suited well to people whose bodies, for whatever reason cannot cope with massage. The receipient lies relaxed on a couch and the practitioner gently places their hands on or above 13 positions on or near the body. Reiki treatment is aimed at well being and given to the whole person rather than specific areas.

Each person will experience reiki treatments and the benefits in a different way depending on their specific needs and their openess to it's abilities.

What can Reiki Treat?

Reiki treatments can help you harness balance, focus and healing. Physically and mentally.

In the busy life that we all now lead, stresses and strains of daily life play havoc with our overall sense of wellbeing. Reiki treatment recipients report benefits of deep relaxation, calm and well being on all levels.

Reiki in no way is the answer to all of life's problems, but with an open mind and focus, it can certainly help with inner healing and help harness balance.

Reiki treatments are ideal for comfort during stressful events in life including end of life , they are a support during pregnancy andcan help to calm children.

Reiki has also been reported to help with those who are struggling to overcome addictions.

What do Reiki Treatments Feel like?

Some people report no physical sensations at all, while others may see colours, experience heat, tingling or have an emotional response.

Many feel a deep sense of relaxation and calm.

All of these are indicators of harmony being restored within the recipients life force energy and all experiences are unique.

There is no right or wrong experience, only a unique journey.

Reiki treatments are non intrusive and there are no known contra-indications reported from receiving them.

Reiki practitioners are not doctors and are not trained in diagnosis so should you feel that you need a medical opinion, are experiencing any symptoms which may need medical attention, then you should contact a doctor.

To discuss whether reiki treatments are ideal for you, to find ouWt more specific information or to book an appointment, please call me for a chat.


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